Stone Fruit

Star South expert

Growing regions

South Africa: Northern Limpopo, Western Cape, Klein Karoo, Langkloof

Export regions

Spain, Middle East

The Stone Fruit Story

Stone fruit is defined as fruit containing a stone or pit. We focus on varieties with high sugar content to enhance the overall eating quality and ensure a great customer experience.

Stone fruit has been part of the Star South family since 2013 with the local South African market being our main focus point. We pride ourselves on servicing our clients for 10 months of the year with imported and local stonefruit produce.

Produce lines include Nectarines, Dessert Peaches, Cling Peaches, Apricots, Nectacots, Red plums, Black plums, Yellow Plums and Cherries. Local crops start in the Northern Limpopo region in October, quickly followed by die Western Cape, Klein Karoo and Langkloof regions ending the local season in April. Our on-the-road procurement team travels from farm to packhouse to ensure that the product is packed according to retail standards and client preferences.

Our import stone fruit season starts in May and leads up to September. Working with the leading Spanish stone fruit companies ensure we import only the best produce for our South African clients. We value and cherish our producer relationships and strive to be a market leader on stone fruit supply, proudly presenting their beautiful produce at retail level.

Nutritional info

Stone fruits are rich in inflammation-fighting phytonutrients, which can help protect your health and even fight the signs of aging. Fun fact: They’re also what give stone fruits their vibrant yellow, orange, red, and purple hues.


Dessert peaches(Yellow and white flesh varieties)
Cling peaches 
Nectarines(Yellow and White flesh)
Plums(Red, Black, Yellow)
Apricots(Apricots and Nectacots)
Cherries(Bing, Black Tartarian, Stella, Giant Heidelfinger)
Prunes(Van der Merwe variety)


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