Creating Connections over 20 Years

Star South is more than just a supply chain; it’s a life cycle.

Our name is inspired by the Southern Cross, those fixed coordinates that provide navigation through an ever-changing landscape.

Based in Wellington, South Africa, Star South serves four key groups across the diverse sector of fresh produce: fruit producers and retailers, both within South Africa and abroad. Since inception in 2003, we’ve grown our services to cover the retail, wholesale and processing sectors – with shipments tailored to individual needs in both quality and quantity.

Besides becoming South Africa’s biggest importer of table grapes, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include citrus, stone fruit, pomegranates, apples, pears, kiwis, figs and dates – sourced across the globe. This means that clients have access to a year-round supply of quality fruit – made possible by our continually optimised supply chain.

But Star South is more than just a supply chain; it’s a life cycle.
It’s about creating connections – connecting good people with good prices and good, wholesome produce.

This is why our relationships are everything; why we’ve mapped out a network of the most committed partners, to bear any load and to do so carefully. Because in an ever-changing landscape where seasons, weather patterns, crops and consumer demand can be so unpredictable, a sure means of navigation beyond the landscape offers a steady anchor.

Our Core Principles


I am dedicated to my job and to the people I serve.


I am trusted to do what needs to be done, my word is good.


I am quick to act and eager to meet pressing needs.


I am confident in my decisions, respectful in my interactions, and competent in my role.


I am quality-driven and precise – because details matter.


I am careful and attentive from start to finish, whatever the task.


I am consistent in my actions, and believe that success is only possible through excellent execution, every time.

We serve four key groups across the diverse sector of fresh produce:

Fruit producers and retailers, both within South Africa and abroad. It’s a world of good produce, good people and good prices. An extensive, vast world which we navigate via committed one-on-one relationships, to offer personalised service and tailored solutions/shipments.

How can we help you?

Partner with us as we navigate the landscape together.

Danèl van Deventer

Commercial Manager

Trust between client and company is everything.”

Danél started out in the industry in 2010 and has been working her way up ever since. She began in logistics and now serves as a commercial manager, drawing from her in-depth understanding of the cost chain. Danél is passionate about figs and has been dedicated to the export of almost 70% of the South African fig offering for the past seven years.

Department: Management & Support
Market: Far East, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Middle East
Produce: Figs

“We are in no other business than the people business.”

Jaco is a born entrepreneur and has been trading fruit since the age of 12 when he started his first business. He has experience in all major business areas, including farming, handling, transport, logistics, IT, marketing operations, finance, management, international and domestic affairs. He is fluent in French and also has basic Spanish language skills.