Creating Connections over 20 Years

Creating connection for lasting impact through responsible social investment.

At the core of our values is the belief that the prosperity of individuals catalyses our success - whether it's our partners' workforce, our local community, or the next generation.


At Star South Fruits, our mission extends beyond just connecting fruit producers and retailers. We are deeply committed to the growth and success of all stakeholders, only partnering with producers who share the same values and invest in the people who work for them.

This includes providing free protective equipment (PPE) and basic healthcare, free transport for contract workers and housing for permanent workers, crèche and child care services, financial support to local schools and school feeding programs, to name a few.


Investing in the next generation of talent is crucial to ensuring continuous growth in the fresh produce industry.

This is why the new Star South Academy was established. In collaboration with producers, the Star South Academy offers industry-relevant training opportunities to acquire national qualifications. It aims to give candidates the chance to enhance their skills, gain valuable work experience, and obtain qualifications through specific programs, opening up exciting career possibilities in this industry. Our goal is to cultivate a thriving community of professionals who contribute to the sustainability and expansion of the fresh produce industry.


We believe that when people and partnerships prosper, business prospers. We’ve seen it first-hand: in the connections nurtured in our wonderful network of farmers, growers, suppliers, retailers and trade partners.

This is why we support individuals in our community, young and old – at every season of life. We start with the people on our doorstep; we love our home, and we want to see every part of it flourish. From non-profits doing incredible work, to local schools where our own kids are growing up, we help out with a number of organisations and initiatives throughout the year.

We serve four key groups across the diverse sector of fresh produce:

Fruit producers and retailers, both within South Africa and abroad. It’s a world of good produce, good people and good prices. An extensive, vast world which we navigate via committed one-on-one relationships, to offer personalised service and tailored solutions/shipments.

How can we help you?

Partner with us as we navigate the landscape together.

Danèl van Deventer

Commercial Manager

Trust between client and company is everything.”

Danél started out in the industry in 2010 and has been working her way up ever since. She began in logistics and now serves as a commercial manager, drawing from her in-depth understanding of the cost chain. Danél is passionate about figs and has been dedicated to the export of almost 70% of the South African fig offering for the past seven years.

Department: Management & Support
Market: Far East, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Middle East
Produce: Figs

“We are in no other business than the people business.”

Jaco is a born entrepreneur and has been trading fruit since the age of 12 when he started his first business. He has experience in all major business areas, including farming, handling, transport, logistics, IT, marketing operations, finance, management, international and domestic affairs. He is fluent in French and also has basic Spanish language skills.