South African pomegranates are highly regarded for their good eating quality, especially the fully red colored variety "Wonderful". Other varieties include "Acco", "Herskowitz" and "Baghwa". Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, and have been used by traditional Ayurvedic practitioners in India for centuries.

Mediterranean figs are grown in the farming regions surrounding Cape Town. Here the Cape's Mediterranean climate produces figs of a superior eating quality. Varieties grown all have edible skins.

South Africa produces approximately 770 700 tonnes of apples every year, and most are grown in Ceres and Grabouw in the Western Cape and in the Langkloof in the Southern Cape. Near perfect growing conditions produce high quality fruit with a good shelf life. The first apples were cultivated in West Asia.

Pears have been cultivated in Central Asia for thousands of years. In South Africa the most important cultivars are Packham's Triumph (28% of plantings) and Bon Chretien (25% of plantings). Yellow pears with a red blush, such as Forelle and Flamingo have also been developed.

South Africa is one of the leading producers and exporters of table grapes in the Southern Hemisphere with more than 18,000 hectares (45,000 acres) under cultivation. South African grapes excede international standards for health and safety, and producers are regularly audited to guarantee that consumer and importer expectations are met. There are five major growing regions in South Africa based on soil and climate, which makes it possible to supply the international market with top class grapes from November to May.

South Africa is the largest citrus producer in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of the crop is produced for juice (Valencia types), followed by oranges for the fresh produce market (Navel types). World class lemons, grapefruit and easy peelers are also grown.


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